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You are building a new home, and looking forward to one of your most rewarding experiences. This exciting time can also be frustrating, and at times confusing.

With over 275,000 pieces and more than 60 subcontracted parts and labor suppliers in each new home, no building contractor or superintendent can be expected to check everything - it just isn't possible. Experts, including building contractors agree: Hire an independent inspector.

Chris Zorn is the experts' choice. As a State of Florida Building Inspector since 1987, Chris has inspected thousands of new construction projects in Sarasota and Manatee counties. Considered an authority on hurricane code requirements and performance, Chris maintains extensive industry and materials knowledge, and brings integrity to your Owner/Builder consultations.

"From Dirt to Closing" Paradise Home Inspections New Construction Monitoring includes:
  • Compliance with Plans, Specifications and Codes.
  • Foundation steel placement and footing locations.
  • Concrete floor reinforcement and thickness.
  • Steel reinforcement for concrete block walls.
  • Roof sheathing, framing and truss installation.
  • Hurricane anchorage installation.
  • Roofing material installation.
  • Electrical distribution system.
  • Plumbing distribution and waste system.
  • Air Conditioning and Heat system.
  • Complete Final Walk-through prior to Closing.

Additional new construction services are:
  • Bank Draw Inspections.
  • Closing "Punch-lists".
  • Permitting Assistance.

With Chris Zorn monitoring the construction details, building your new home will be an exciting and rewarding experience. You can be confident your home is built in full compliance with the documentation, and assured your family and investment is safe and secure.
For home, new construction, investment, insurance, and commercial real estate inspections call Chris Zorn at 941-351-1714

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